1 . We hand lay all our fiberglass using
vinylester  resin.
Our layup consists of:
1. Black gel coat
2 1-1/2 oz mat.
3.  18 oz. woven cloth
4.  3/4 oz. mat
                                       THE FRAME                                      
1.  The frame is made of  11 gauge  2x4 rectangular   tube
1. All joints are mitered and fish plated
2. All frames get powder coated
3.  Our floors are all 10 gauge  steel  and dropped 3" so you can sit
    behind the  windshield not over it.
5.  We offer  a  standard 90" wheelbase and  a  96" wheel base
6.  By offering  2 different size wheelbases any one can drive a  
   cobra replica comfortably
We build our cobra kits one at a time
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Here at Hunters Cobra Kit Cars we are combining classic body styling
with modern suspension and frame design.
An all around winning combination.
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CWwWe at  Hunters Kit Car strive to build the best built cobra replica.
Our cobra replicas use a proven peformance suspension
in the 84' to 87' corvette. With this suspension you get an independent rear,
(limited slip) and  4 wheel disc brakes.  Hunters Kit Car will supply a build sheet
with all the supplies and vendors as well as any tech. help that you will need.  
Hunters Kit Car also offers a stretched version of the cobra replica,
adding 6 ins. in the doors, and stretching the body in the cockpit area. This
will accomodate  taller  drivers. The 3 in. dropped floor also helps make the ride more comfortable. We do have a 10 gauge solid steel floor  with  all joints fishplated for strength.  Hunters Kit Car wants to help you with any support that you need.  Hunters Kit Car will help you  finish your cobra replica by answering any questions you have during your build, either by email or phone. We also have an extensive file of pictures of the cobra replicas that I have built. We will email them to you any time to help you decide  how you want to  build your         Hunters Cobra!!
We are happy to say that we have opened a new shop in Ocala. At Hunters       cobra we are continuing to build the 90 and 96 inch cobra kits.
We will be offering a larger , wider and tallers for those that have trouble fitting into the original size cobra. Pics and info are coming soon. Please let me know if    you would like to stop by the new shop as I may be running parts ect.  Please     contact me on my cell @ (352)425-6238

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